OEM vs Retail drives

I was wondering if there was any advantage of buying a retail version of a drive over the OEM version when I don’t need anything that’s packaged in the retail version. The drive in question is the Lite-On LH-20A1S, and the retail version is priced $5 higher than the OEM version. I don’t need any software or the SATA cable/white faceplate in the retail version. Is there still any reason you guys would recommend buying the retail version over the OEM version (perhaps something like an extended warranty or something)?

Warranty may be different in some countries for retail and bulk drives, but i dont have further information about it.
However since retail drives usually come in a box padded with polystyrene, the drive is more resistant to damage during transport. There have been some people reporting more faults on bulk packaged drives.

Thanks for the quick reply, I decided to pony up the $5 extra and go with the retail package.