OEM TYG03 acceptable?

I am currently burning with a PX-716A on Nero, and am getting pretty poor results with PIF. Below are freshly burnt at 16x and 8x
I took out some TYG03 from a few months ago and these can go up to 300-400 PIF.

Are these results acceptable? I am sort of worried about the degradation.

EDIT: Bought these TY’s from JPL in Australia.


If those graphs show PIF, then the results are horrible.

If OTOH, as I suspect, they show PIE, then the results are OK.

You need to be more specific on the “300-400 PIF” comment. Do you mean PIE or PIF? Do you mean total or maximum?

Degradation cannot be seen from intial scans - you need at least two scans of the same disc performed at different times.

These are PIE readings PI/PO scan SUM8 on Plextools.

I’m thinking that its the discs, TYG03 just don’t do well on my 716A.

Here’s a scan of a freshly burnt TTG02 @ 12x

Seems ok to me.

Can you use cdspeed to do PIE/PIF scans for your plextor or use the plextor program to do a scan that shows PIF as well? It’s difficult understanding those results and I think you are also having difficulty understanding them since you think that many PIE sum8 is bad. If it’s PIE, I’m pretty sure that’s a fine result.

Nero CD-DVD Speed does not support Plextor drives (Sanyo chipset). From what I’ve heard, there were partially successful efforts to add scan support for Sanyo chipset drives but the project was eventually canceled.

A Sum1/PIF test would help us a lot :slight_smile:

It may just be that particular batch of discs, though the results are still well within spec. Below are a couple of Sum8 scans of TYG03 discs burned on my PX-716A. I think the high PIE spike on the 2nd pic was caused by the launching of another burning app while the PlexTools scan was running. The first disc is Sony-branded, while the second is unbranded silver printable TYG03.

Here is a disc TYG03 from 4-2-07, and I don’t have initial scans since my computer wiped. And since plextor can’t do nero program , here the information i can gather from plextools.

              PIF        POE        POF
   Avg       0.03          -          -
   Max          6          -          -
 Total       3857          -          0

PIF: ECC Block 73217 contains 6 uncorrectables
PIF: ECC Block 73258 contains 5 uncorrectables

              PIE        POE        POF
   Avg      46.84          -          -
   Max        296          -          -
 Total     788952          -          0

PIE: ECC Blocks 3209-3216 detected 296 errors
PIE: ECC Blocks 3329-3336 detected 290 errors
PIE: ECC Blocks 3401-3408 detected 282 errors
PIE: ECC Blocks 3673-3680 detected 281 errors
PIE: ECC Blocks 4009-4016 detected 281 errors

The PIF scan is outside of specs, with a single spike above 4 PIF. That’s not particularly worrying though.

The PIE scan is also outside spec and it doesn’t look good at the beginning of the disc. It might still be playable in a DVD player (impossible to say really) and it’s most lkely also readable in most recent DVD drives, but I wouldn’t be satisified with such a result.

Hmm yeah, those TYG03 results seem similar to what some other people here in Australia are getting. TY is definitely overrated. I’m getting much better results with my Verbatim than I am with my TYG03.

It seems that even in Japan, TY’s drop in quality is becoming more widely known/noticed. Check these results from thia@9: http://dvd-r.jpn.org/test2/qcheckform.cgi?mode=main&name=TDK_16xPro

Here are some other TYG03 results from thia@9: http://dvd-r.jpn.org/test2/qcheckform.cgi?mode=main&name=yuden_16x50#PX-716SA

It looks like narbe’s results are normal.

Mmm Cd pirate

Where do you get your ?

It seems that pcx only sells E01 8x DVD+R
Do you have older scans of both E01 and AE1?

Otherwise i think im going to go with

MCC02RG20 Verbatim 8x DVD-R

Hm AE1 discs came from a store that branded them as LG dvd-r. I only got them by luck.

But the E01 are also great and cheaper than anything I’ve seen anywhere in Australia (for top quality media). PCX has them for a nice price of 17.50 per 50 if you buy 6 or more spindles. Otherwise it’s like $22 per spindle I think, which is not bad either.

I’m not sure what you mean by older scans with E01 and AE1? I’ve only really used them this year. If you are wondering about how stable they are over long periods of time, there’s nothing to worry about, they have been reported as very stable discs by many users.

I won’t tell you not to get the MCC02RG20 though, they are great discs and are very stable and compatible. The only reason I’d get E01 is because they are crap loads cheaper and burn very well.

If you get some MCC02RG20 off PCX, it may be a good opportunity to get a spindle of CMC E01 while you’re at it :slight_smile:

I was convinced that TY’s would work with any drive and that you can’t beat it. But I think I’m going to have to experiment a little myself.

I’m thinking either these new TY’s are not up to old standards or my plextor just for some reason doesn’t like them.

I’ll be getting these to experiment with.
Lite-On LH-18A1P or Lite-On LH-20A1H Haven’t decided yet.
MCC02RG20 Verbatim 8x DVD-R

Don’t think ill use 16X anymore, not enough evidence for longevity

Narbe, I have an LH18A1P (two actually lol) and they are good for burning both those media but most of my better results come from Pioneer burns. I find that the Pioneer 111 is just as good at burning CMC MAG E01 as the 18A1P is, and easily better on the MCC02RG20 media. But the 18A1P is certainly capable of making decent burns with both those media. I’d recommend a Pioneer 112 or 111 if you can find a cheap one. If you live in adelaide, hypernet has 111 drives selling right now for 35 bucks. It’s up to you really, you could get the 18A1P (dunno how good the 20A1H is) as it doubles as a scanning drive also.

Oh and one more thing, if you had LG in mind as another option, I wouldn’t bother since both my LGs (4167B and H22N) cannot burn E01 very well. 4x is ok but 8x produces automatic coasters. And MCC02RG20 is even worse with my LGs @ 8x. 4x is ok once again though.