OEM Seagate 400GB PATA Drive - $55 - Microcenter

Item 684464

Thanks negritude
I have to go back get this one

There are some pretty good deals on there. :iagree:

I got two Seagate 400GB $114 and two Verb DL 20pc ( MIS ) $27.99 ea
about Verb DL is $2 cheaper than Best Buy

Can you tell us what model drive it is? I couldn’t find the sku on the website.

Me too :confused:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB PATA SKU 684464 Model# ST3400832A
made in singapore and Ultra ATA 100 or 133 sorry I didn’t check this
and OEM

Thanks. I’ll have a look this weekend.

Has to be ATA100. Seagate never made an ATA 133 drive that I’m aware of. This is a SLAMMIN’ DEAL! Granted, it’s an older technology drive, but it’s just perfect for throwing in an external encosure and using for cloning your internal boot drive. At 400 gigs, it’s big enough to cover just abount anyone’s boot disk.


I can’t seem to find this drive on their site . . . any quirks or tips on navigating it?

yes your right they never made ATA 133 and I use for with external encosure back up my data I currently ran out my back up space.
and I go get some more this week

would like to know how to get to item to buy as well. wish the ad would have a link to it. any help is appreciated. thanks.

I try to find this drive but I can’t
because I’m going to store and they are also hardly find this in store ( about 40min ) sorry about I can’t help you

it seems to be an in-store deal only. i can’t find it on their website by browsing through categories, searching, or item number.

maybe they’ll open a microcenter near me before the sale ends :sad:

Hey look here: http://www.compu-america.com/ProdDisplay.asp?CatID=13&ProdID=216788&ExportID=6

uhmm…that has nothing to do with the HDD we are looking for. unless i am blind. thnx tho.

Maxtor has the hide to overclock the ata interface & then patent the ATA133 standard … and have since refused to license it out to any other HD manufacturers.

It’s a moot point, with SATA taking off the way it has.

learning new things even in the bargain basement…

i always wondered about that…just never enough to go looking for an answer. thanks debro :stuck_out_tongue:

Bollocks. I just made my Raid 5+0 array out of 8 320GB drives from Fry’s. I could have had 320GB more at a cheaper price too.

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