Oem purchase

is it prudent to purchase an oem product that doesn’t have the manufactorer’s support? specifically, i believe my tdk cdrw is defective. i’m considering purchasing an oem product from newegg that’s $12 less than the authorized purchase (including the $20 rebate). please advise and thanks

Purchasing an OEM product is a good way to save money if you don’t need the extras like manuals, cds, software, retail box, etc. And I believe most OEM products are warrantied by the manufacturer, vendor, or sometimes both. Newegg has a good reputation and has been know to be reliable when it comes to returning or exchanging defective product so I wouldn’t be too worried about ordering OEM.

If it’s an $100+ item I would probably shell out the extra $12 for the retail, but if it’s a $50 item, I’d probably go OEM, but that’s my personal preference.

Yup, the OEM drives usually carry a similar warranty to the retail products. To be quite honest, I have found very few retail deals that are better. Most of the software is junk and I usually have some spare cables and screws lying around somewhere.

I have no bad experiences with OEM and normally they carry 1 year warranty from the manufacture just like the retail version unless otherwise stated. And I have so many spare accessories lying around so I dont need to spend a little extra for retail. The only thing I can think of is that retail version you get better support, especially firmware update. For BenQ (my DW-1620 DVD burner), the retail version has more Firmware updates but there is a trick to turn it into a retail version so I can take advantage of Firmware updates. And for Adaptec SCSI adapter, no Firmware updates at all for OEM and you also get 5 years warranty for retail version Vs. 1 year for retail, same for intel processor, 3 years for retail and 1 year for OEM.

thanks for your advise. can you reveal the ‘trick’ to retail the oem version or at least a hint?

for the BenQ, goto the BenQ forum and use the search tool.