OEM or not

My LG GSA 4163 B 16X DVD is a OEM and was slightly cheaper.It is branded on the front drawer as a LG.
The txt from the firmware update warns against using it on OEM drives that are OEM and have been rebranded.
Would it be safe to update my firmware seeing that the drive is not rebranded as a Dell or HP or some such thing?
It has firmware A102 and I understand that it is quite old.

Mine was OEM but LG branded. No problems with flashing it.


I think what the text file meant by OEM are drives with model GWA rather than GSA. There is a GWA-4163B which comes as a drive when you buy certain systems from companies like HP. GSA and GWA drives are actually different - the GWA ones have no DVD-RAM support so the firmware is not compatible. Sometimes these GWA drives end up on the open market.

So I think you should be ok flashing your drive. The latest firmware version for the 4163B is A105, btw.

Firmware updated OK.
Thanks for the help.
Happy burning