OEM Nero install


Just got myself a Samsung DVD-CDRW Combo drive which came with Nero Bundled.

First question…are these bundled versions of Nero tricky about installation ? It installed OK but I missed the Folder option so it installed to C:. I wanted it in on my apps drive D:\ so I uninstalled it - but this was a bad move as it won’t install again ???

Would I be better to buy the retail software version…I see an offer of just GBP13.00 for Nero from Saphire Systems


i’ve never installed an oem copy of nero, but i’m sure it’s not supposed to do that. u should contact ahead about ur problem. what exactly happens when u try to install again?

Hi! if you are not able to install second time , I suggest you install registry cleaner or something similar and remove the registry entries related to Nero .


Thanks…the install wizard runs then the install just hangs

I’ll try arun_34’s suggestion - perhaps it thinks it’s already installed.

Hi! if you are manually modifying the registry , be very careful .