OEM Nero eXpress 6 vs Nero Burning ROM?

Help please!

Working with Nero OEM Express 6 software I got with my BenQ 1655 (firmware CH11) and having some difficulty.

Although Nero Info Tool says I have Nero Burning Rom v6.6.1.4 the screen is nothing like that I am seeing in tutorials on line. I have virtually no options to work with. Is there a difference in Nero Burning ROM on Express vs some other version?

I am trying to create an XPProSP2 slipstream disc and am stalled at the point of making the Bootable CD. I’ve copied a boot image file as directed in an instructional but approaching from Nero StartSmart or Nero Express through the OEM tab I get an overly simplified screen with the only option being to insert a boot disc in drive A:. There appears to be no way to access the boot image I have on C: Am I missing something or must I buy an upgraded program?

NOTE - I did look around on this forum and found some references to other sites for creating bootable discs, etc. I will look into these, but do not want to abandon the route I have started just yet. And of course I am curious about this software as it does seem limited.

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BTW - I have kept my computer alive following directions from generous people like you. If it hasn’t been voiced lately, I’ll say for many that I appreciate every response and suggestion

Nero Express is a limited version of Nero.It only comes with the basics and does not include Nero Burning Rom. Some OEM versions even limit DVD support with Nero Nision and Showtime.

Thankfully, there are some FREE burner apps out there that may be able to help. They include apps like:



and I think there are others.

There is also an older Version from Roxio (WinOnCD 6) available for free:
You need to register at Roxio in order to get a decryption code for the installer.
Don’t be worried, the UI language can be changed to English.

With WinOnCD you can build your own slipstreamed CD, with CDburnerXP you can not.


Hey, free is free. Thanks for the link.

You know, I was just checking the bundle that I got with my latest drive and it is NOT the full Nero Burning ROM product. If that was all I had to work with my drive, I think I’d go ballistic. No wonder people go for the OEM version.

I have a bunch of copies of the full-on Nero app, from version 5 to version 6, that came bundled. I wonder if they still bundle the full-on Nero Burning-ROM program with drives anymore?

Thanks for the help.
My concern is finding a software that is similar in the menu variables to Nero and Easy CD Creator used as examples. I will look at the older Roxio you referenced.

You may want to check out those two free apps above. They are fairly capable and could save you some cash. :slight_smile:

You have Nero Burning ROM but is deactivated you have to have Nero purchaseable product key to activate the Nero Burning Rom.

What Nero product must I buy (Least $cost option)?
Looking at the web sight and a little surfing and it appears that Nero 7 Ultra Edition or Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED are my $80 - $100 options?

I guess you could see about getting the upgrade cost version of Nero from their site.

I have seen Nero 7 on sale for as low as $30 after rebates at CompUSA.

paldeleon. I was thinking exactly the same. I also only have the basic NERO ( express) I could not for the life of me figure it out. Tutorial were great but…
Now i know what i need.
Obviously i am not an advit NERO user.
any way love the site, great information.