OEM ND-3540A will not burn DVD's successfully

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with a drive that I just purchased from Newegg. The drive is a ND-3540A. I purchased an OEM ND-3520A a while back from Newegg, and had similar problems with it if I remember correctly but I got it worked out pretty quick. This on one the other hand has been giving me the run around.

I installed the drive and it had firmware ver 1.01 installed when I got it. I flashed the firmware to 1.w7 to remove the riplock, but I still cannot get a good burn on a DVD. Any suggestions?



Welcome to the forum.
The ND-3540 is capable of extremely good quality burns, you don’t mention the media you are using?
You can also check the quality of burns made on your drive with CD-Speed.