OEM E-Machines ND-1300A Won't Read CDs

First, I’ld like to think you all for everything you do. I have been a lurker on this forum for a while and have found the answer to every questions without needing to make a new topic. Hopefully now that I have registered I can help someone with the limited experience I have (almost none). Ok, so here’s my dilemma:

I have an e-machines here at work (company bought it) that I basically screwed up. I updated the firmware from NEC’s site but afterwards realized that it said not fot OEM drives. After the upgrade it wouldnt recognize any media at all, so I have another e-machines (exact same model) that I took and dumped the firmware from it’s drive, and flashed back to this one. Well, now the dvds read and burn fine, but it still will not read or burn regular cds. I am stumped and have no clue what else to try. I have on the 1.0A firmware on it now, but can easily go back to the 1.05 it came with (from the other pc) but neither will allow me to burn cds. If anyone has any advice at all, it would be greatly appreciated.


Flash with the latest firmware from Herrie 1.0C and try again.

Ok, updated to Herrie’s 1.0C. Still won’t recognize cds. DVDs still recognize fine (i assume they also burn fine). Forgot to mention in the first post, the burner that I dumped the firmware from (1.05 - the other e-machine) burns and recognizes cds fine. This has me stumped/frustrated!


Also, this burner did burn and recognize cds before I updated the firmware the first time (i did so to try to get it to burn some 16x discs that said that on slower drives it would have to be updated to use them). Oh, and everytime I’ve updated the firmware, it has completed successfully (at least it said it did – apparently it didnt or i could burn/read cds now)


After the firmware flash, windows recognized a new device, etc. It also seems as if the computer will not reboot with a cd in the drive. It gets to the xp screen and resets!

Check your drive, can it read CD in BIOS or DOS? Get a bootable CD and try to start your system.

Tray to flash old versions of your drive firmware (Nec and OEM) via Harrie Flash program for DOS and Windows.