OEM (DVR-110D) Ok to use?

It’s been along time since I’ll been here (dvr-A08xl were the newest drive)… I have always found that all six of my dvr-A08xl’s drives (retail) worked reliably for me in burning disc simultaneously and, never gave me an problems :bow:… Each drive was set up on it own IDE, as master and slave…

But, because I wanted more (software hacks) and the popularity of Benq, I went with five of the Benq 1640 OEM from NewEgg… All was fun with software like MediaCodeSpeedEdit for Benq and the Qsuit from Benq… That it were the fun ended, as anyone knows, who owns Benq having multiple drives on the same IDE is a big headache :a … I had to buy three Sigg ultraATA controllers in order to get all five drive to burn simultaneously (one drive per IDE) …

Now I decided to build a standalone DVD Duplicator… I have already order the controller EZCopy DVD11 from Caloptic and I already have bought another case (my second one, maybe an overkill but like it) to house ten drives plus controller and, an Antec 480 true power supply…

Now that I see MediaCodeSpeedEdit is available for Pioneer and knowing only firmware hacks is the only thing to advance a drive in a standalone DVD Duplicator, plus never having a problem with my pioneers… I’m ready to come back home to Pioneer. :clap:

Sorry, for the long intro but here the question… Are the OEM DVR-110D drives as good as the Retail Drives?
I remember there were two different firmware for the OEM & the Retail dvr-A08xl’s… Are the OEM DVR-110D & the Retail DVR-110D firmware the same or, differ from each other…

As this time around I will be getting ten new drives, and I want to make sure that I get the ones that I need.

Thanks for any info.


The DVR-R100 is the retail version of the DVR-110D, this is known to have the GENERAL firmware.

The DVR-A10(XL) is another retail model, but this is a DVR-110 (supports DVD-RAM) and has the PIO_ADV firmware. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1138195&postcount=36

There is another version of the DVR-110 with the GENERAL firmware, seem to remember this is the model chef has.

Actually the DVR-610 is a cheaper retail version (about 25%) of the DVR-110D, probably has less software, but would be the way to go if you want 10 for a duplicator.

Brother Vlad

Thanks, for clearing up the OEM & Retail drives are for me… I see NewEgg has the DVR-110D for $39.99… The DVR-610A $53.99

On Pricewatch.com the cheapest DVR-110D was $43.00 and for the DVR-610A was $52.99

Any more info to enlighten on my quest would be grateful.

Thanks again.

Correct, DVRFlash shows Kernel revision 0000 for it, huh.

Do the “Sigg ultraATA controllers” work nicely with your ODD/burners?

The Sigg ultraATA controllers works great…

I have two PC’s both running P4 3.2, one with the six Pioneer drives, where four drives are on one controller ( there are two IDE slots on the card up to four drives)…
The other PC with the Benq drives and three controllers ( drive 1. IDE 1/S, drive 2. IDE 2/M, drive 3. controller 1/M, drive 4. controller 2/M, drive 5. controller 3/M, & a pain in the A$$)…

Every now and then the Benq’s when I burn @ 8x they will start up @ 8x and the drop down to 1.4x to 2.5, maybe disc quality?

I have switched the drives from one pc back the other with always the pioneer working great and the Benqs I always had to baby them.

The Benq is a great drive and does a great job in a two drive system but, not for what I need it for.

Sounds nice, thanks for the info. :wink: