OEM Drive Equivalents? Imation particularly

Anyone know a site that can tell you who makes the various branded drives. I just picked up the Imation CD Burn-R 12x8x32x and I’d like to know who made it. Firmware, CloneCD compatability, that sort of thing. Any help offered would certainly be well, helpful. Thanks.

Replying to my own post in case anyone needs the answer. After sufficient data harvesting I have determined that at least the recent 12x8x32x with “No Buffer Underrun” printed on the box (I saw some at Best Buy that were packaged slightly differently, but the same speed/price and lacking the extra printing.) is in fact (Verified by the actual model number on the unit.) an Acer 1208A with Seamless Link Technology. Reviewed at cdrlabs.com. Mediocre review but overall favorable with seamless link. And it apparently works on SD2. This is a recent production of the drive (Feb '01.) and earlier models of the same type will not possess the same features. I hope that this helps others in the same boat as I. Good price, usefull ability with the burn proofing and SD2 capability. Now I just have to install the stupid thing. Tomorrow! Sleep now. Bye.

Good luck, I tried two of them and they were both bombs. They would only write CDs that could be read on that drive OR they would write CDs half way and then give me some type of SCSI error (I have no SCSI equipment on my machine).