OEM DH20A49 Detection problem

I have a Sony DRU510A as Master and a Liteon LH18A1P as slave my Liteon has decided to throw a wobbler
Windows XP has detected it and says it working Nero 7 and AnyDVD has detected it This is where the fun starts Any DVD shows both drives empty at bootup but when you open the Liteon and insert a disc the green light flashes a few times but the disc does not auto start when you click on the drive it says please insert disc into drive Any DVD shows 1 drive empty and does not show the drive as having a disc in .
I thought the drive was goosed so i have bought a new drive OEM DH20A4P installed the drive and it does the same thing as the old one.
The strange thing is that if you put a disc into the drive got to device manager and uninstall the drive the go to add new hardware and reinstall the drive it will read or write fine until you eject the disc then its back to square one I have tried a new IDE cable but still no joy
My Sony drive works fine no problems at all :confused:

Any ideas please Thanks Martyn

Problem sorted threr was a problem with AnyDVD removed it and reinstalled it works fine now even with the drive i thought was us