OEM BenQ's activity LED

Okay, I followed the directions here and seem to have succeeded in flashing my OEM BenQ to a retail version. I just have one question: Is the activity
LED supposed to stay on when there’s a disc in the drive?

I suppose it’s a handy feature if you’re somewhat absent-minded, but I’m not sure whether its due to a my drive being defective, some sort of firmware conflict or if its supposed to be this way. If anyone can clarifty this for me it’d be much appreciated.

This is my first DVD-R/RW drive and so far things seem okay. Will miss not being able to use CDRWin to burn everything, but I suppose I can get used to Nero.

P.S. Is there any other store bought (Best Buy, Target, Comp USA, etc.) media that works well with BenQ drives flashed with BT79?

Yes, the led stays on when there is a disk in. Plextor also does that.

BenQ 820A/822A also leave the LED lit solid while a disc is in the drive.
I think it is annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I feel better about it not being damaged in some way. :slight_smile: Now if only I could get it to burn something besides cdrws under Nero!

You’re going to need some free software. . .

DVDDecryptor, to write .ISO files reliably onto dvd (RecordNow packaged with some Retail BenQ drives works even better, but only slight difference).
DVDDecryptor also has other valuable talents.
Take a blotchy, rotted DVD original disc and use it with DVDDecryptor’s all-file-mode with retries set to 1 and ignore-errors=on, and read speed set to slowest. Put the output through NeroVision or DVDShrink and you have recovered the rotted movie disc.
You can also use DVDDecryptor for testing data integrity with all-file-mode if you set ignore-errors=off (program then posts error message onto screen if disc is bad). This is useful for truely verifying a newly written disc under real-life conditions.

DVDShrink, because sometimes you want to fit a large movie onto a regular dvd disc. It has other talents too, such as creating a backup movie so you won’t have to barbecue your expensive DVD collection by carrying them around in the car or RV to watch them in there. While this program can directly interface with Nero, I recommend that you send the output to either a plain .ISO file or send the output automatically to DVDdecryptor’s ISO write mode. If you have an inexpensive http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=107490 or any other second drive that can read a dvd, then the two (above) pieces of free software can read, decode, rip, resize, restructure, package into .iso, burn, verify, and eject–all automatically.

CD/DVD speed, from cdspeed2000.com, can do quality write tests, and it also has a little-used feature like scandisc to verify data integrity. Warning!!: The popular quality control scan does not reveal any direct information about data integrity. What it does do is 1) let you see if the writing is in spec, and 2) let you compare your results with others (see our post-your-scans thread).
Note, eject newly written discs before QC testing. While you’re at http:\www.cdspeed2000.com pick up the slightly crude audio extraction program and the disc speed controller. Together, those can get audio files off of a damaged disc, and you can also use 40x audio ripping. :wink:

Quote: Best Buy, Target, Comp USA, etc.) media

  1. Purchase +R medias in a small package before purchasing same brand in larger amounts. Ignore -R medias unless you have a specific use for it. The BenQ bitsetting utility (also free, www.benq.com) can set DVD+R to DVD-ROM to fake out almost any player (media dependent, Most +R works with Most players, so test).
    Once you have identified a known good media, then purchase a larger amount.

  2. See our post-your-scans thread. See also the general media discussion/forum and/or “deals” discussion/forum here at CDfreaks. . . venture out into the wider neighborhood, beyond the end of the cul-de-sac. . . :wink: OOH! in fact, try the search feature while you’re visiting the media and deals threads. Punch in the names of the stores and DVD+R at the same time. Yay!!!

Forgot to mention:
It’s going to take some research to match up a brand name with a media code.
I think that the media discussion forum can do this.
Next, select a media code that will work well with your writer.
see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=119645&highlight=marketing
and also see our post-your-scans thread.

Well, so far I’ve gone through 5 DVD-Rs!!! without a single successful burn. I know its probably the media (Some crappy CompUSA branded -R rated at 4x-8x! :a and some unmarked 2.4X DVD-RWs that wouldn’t even burn…yeah yeah, I know 1620s don’t burn 2.4x :sad: ) but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the drive (I’m still not sure it isn’t). I knew I should have gotten the TDK, but I was kinda leery paying $34 not knowing whether it would work or not. TDK’s have worked very well for me with my Lite-On CDR/RW drives.

I must admit to being a little miffed however. It seems more ridiculous than with my CDR/RW drive with having to magically come across the right media for my DVD-R drive (Picked up a 50 pack of 52X cdrs from Fry’s for $4.50!! and haven’t had a problem with a single burn) when all medias should be able to burn on all drives!! No, scratch that, its more than ridiculous, it’s OUTRAGEOUS! When blue-ray and/or HD-DVD debuts, its gonna be a nightmare with regards to media compatibility!

I hate Nero with an unholy passion. I can’t see what anyone sees in it. I hated it with my CDRW drive and I hate it moreso now probably. Where’s are all the DVD-R.RW data-burning software?!? Is it me or is like 95% of it devoted mostly to copying/ripping DVD movies?

Sorry for the rant. Been up all night trying to get just one burn out of this thing. Will take back the crap I bought from CompUSA today and get the TDKs as I should have done in the first place.

Thanks for the advice danielwritesback. I probably should have taken a bit more time with regards to researching for the optimum media, but I didn’t realize the incompatibilities were this bad.

If the TDKs don’t work, I’m converting my BenQ to a poptart toaster
:iagree: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Got back from CompUSA a long while ago and I’m on the other side of the coin it seems. :slight_smile: Picked up some Memorex +RWs and some Sony +Rs and everything is burning smoothly and fast. Qscan rates the Sony’s able to go 16X, but I’m starting everything off slow at 8X for now. I’ll definately be staying away for -RWs and -R’s for a long while. Even Nero isn’t flaking out and I’ll probably stay with it, although I wouldn’t mind an alternative or backup proggie.

If only things could have went this way last night! Oh well…I appreciate my BenQ a little more now. I definately won’t be converting it to a toaster any time soon (SACRILEGE!).

:bow: BENQ DW1620 :iagree:

I thought the LED staying green in the BenQ was annoying at first. But after using my NEC 3500 a little more now I actually get perplexed if I don’t see that green light on with the NEC and forget half the time if there is a disc in it or not, lol. We certainly are creatures of habit. :slight_smile: