OEM BenQ GCAB makes my system hang!



I’m not entirely certain of the model, but looking around here, it appears that the OEM BenQ Lightscribe drive with firmware version GCAB is the 1655. Am I correct?

Anyway, the drive makes my system hang. It does it at all different times, too, like, a bunch of times, when using Nero, I’m adding files to get ready to burn a Data DVD and it w Nero will stop responding and I have to shut off the drive in order to be able to close out the Nero program that I was using. If I don’t shut the drive off, I can’t close it out. The other day, I was try to burn a Data DVD, and twice, right at the end of the burn, the program hung. The drive does work fine, when it doesn’t cause my system to hang. Another thing, when using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2, after making the first copy of a movie, if I try to make another by just inserting another disc and clicking write, it’ll start the process, setting up and erasing and then about 15 seconds after it says ‘writing’ (right at the time when the minutes remaining should come up), it gives me the “oh no…” and a media error. Now, if after that, I turn the drive off and then back on, I can burn the same movie on the same disc that just gave the, “oh noooo!”

Anybody have any idea why this is happening and is it happening to anybody else?? Is this a glitch in the GCAB firmware?

EDIT: I just noticed I have ‘2’ posts. I checked what the other one was, and it appears that I’ve asked the same question way back in April 2006! In that post, though, I said I had a DW1625. I’m not sure why I said that, perhaps I knew what I bought? Does the DW1625 also come with the GCAB firmware?