OEM Benq 1620

Hey guys, i have a OEM version of the BenQ 1620 FW G7Z9, and using ritekG05 and Prodisc dvd- media. When using nero ( as a data dvd, the verifcation process always seems to fail, telling me that 1 file is different.
I just tried burning an ISO image and that failed too due to sectors on disc being different from source. So i burned the image with dvd-decryptor, it seemed to have worked fine. i ran a disc quality check and got the following:

Ritekg05 - burned at x4 - tested at x4
Average: 39.58
maxium: 131
total: 346697
Average: 0.04
Maxium: 4
total: 211
Average: 18.30%
Maxium: 22.3%

Quality score: 98

i ran a few before when i burned with nero and it failed, some i didnt even get a quality score, and some were okish, with a qual score of 95, 96, 97.

should i upgrade firmware (if so which version) or change burning app or version. cos this data fail is very anouying.
Any help is greatfully appreciated…SasArchiver

I think what you need is the G7K9 version of firmware. You can find it here:


Also you can read this:


a advise…chuck those riteks…benq dun like reiteks…i can tell you that

hey guys (eleewhm+grg), thankx for ur replies and links.
So is the G7K9 FW the newest? Anyway, what ill do is flash with FW and if no difference is noticable ill cross flash to a BenQ. Will turning my drive into a BenQ 1620 be benefical? and is it easy enough to revert back to G7Z9 incase i need to take back to the store?

thanku guys…sasarchiver

PS theres no G7Z9 CVT firmware i can find to revert back to :frowning: can i save my current firmware?

get g7t9 f/w, or cross flash to b7t9, links are in Benq forum. I have no problems at all. Riteks dont overspeed on Benq, Taiyo Yuden(fujifilm made in japan) 8x burn at 16x.