OEM BenQ 1620 Pro with Retail f/w



A friend of mine just bought an OEM BenQ 1620 Pro from a local store (www.robotnik.com) and it came with retail firmware (B7P9). How can this be? Did the store xflash it themselves or what? Did anyone here ever buy an OEM 1620 that came with retail f/w? The drive is advertised as OEM and there is no BenQ logo on the front so it’s definitely an OEM drive with retail f/w. Is this normal?


Quite normal.


So how does that work? The OEM drive comes from the factory with retail f/w on it? Or did the store he bought it from cross flash it? I thought all the OEMs came with bulk f/w and only the retail drives had the “B” firmware.



It is very unlikely the dealers take the time to mess with the firmware and, as the firmware is stamped on the label of my OEM drive, “B”, it would appear that BenQ sends out what they have in stock. Large numbers of BenQs from Newegg are OEM with retail firmware. It is not really a big deal; the drive’s the same. It is really a waste of BenQ effort if you ask me. With a little effort back and forth, with some cvt files, I can go from B to G to 1621.


Ok, I just thought there was something fishy about the dealer since it had retail firmware. Thanks man.