OEM Benq 1620 Pro with G7Z9 Firmware problem

OEM Benq 1620 Pro with G7Z9 Firmware problem. Whenever i Burn my 4x DVD+R Disc it Fails Half of the time, i got them from Compusa Store Brand which are rebranded INFOME R20 Discs Which got a good review here http://www.videohelp.com/forum/archive/t261156.html When my burns work i usually get two errors sectors (equalling less than 1% of disc) in infopro.Now is it my media or my firmware that is causing the problem? Thanks for Any Help.

G7Z9 is a very old firmware flash to G7P9 /G7T9/G7U9 or G7V9. Also get some better media. Look at the scans in the Benq forum and see what looks best to you. Lots of folks are using Fuji Made in Japan and have very good results. Media with Made in India works great with my 1620.

Thanks G_Ivan.