OEM Benq 1620 Pro firmware?



I everyone…I have not been here in a while but now have a question for a friend.

I have I/O magic flashed to the BENQ 1620 Pro (B7P9) and have been very pleased with the results with TY +R media…I see now there is the u and versions but not sure if I will update or not.

My friend just got an OEM BENQ 1620 Pro (says on the label) with a “G” firmware. Can this be flashed to the B7P9 or above? Or does it have to stay “G”? I heard for some reason that his could not be flashed to “B”, why?

If not what is the equivalent “G” firmware for his OEM Benq Pro that will match the B7P9, that I use, and can utilize TY +R media the best?



You can get the latest OEM Gxxx firmware from BenQ’s own web site if you wish or you can convert the drive to the retail firmware Bxxxx firmware also.

Go to this page and download WinDWflash.exe and the B7T9.CVT and then use those to flash the retail Bxxx firmware, after that you can then use BenQ’s own flash tool so just go get which ever firmware you want and flash it, just try the latest as you can use QSuite with it and see how the TY media burns with it, you can always flash another firmware if your not happy with the results.


Thanks 8T8:

But are you sure that I can flash the OEM Benq 1620 Pro to a “B” f/w? I guess the worse that can happen is it says it cannot be done, right?

I read somewhere that only the I/O Magic version of the BENQ could be flashed from “G” to the “B” f/w? Can someone clarify this issue.

I used the B7T9 on my system once and did not like the result with TY +R media so I went back to B7P9 f/w that works great!


The OEM BenQ 1620 can’t be converted to the retail firmware by using BenQ’s own flash tool you must use the WinDWflash and firmware.cvt file to flash the retail firmware to the drive and yes it will work if the drive is a 1620, after that you can then use BenQ’s own firmware upgrade tools.

After flashing the firmware.cvt to the drive, download B7V9 which is the latest and see how it goes if your not happy you can always flash another firmware.

You can get all the official retail firmwares upgrades at this link.


Wherever you read this, it’s not true. :wink:

It’s possible to crossflash any BenQ/Philips/MSI/IO M. to whatever firmware you like (in the same “firmware family”)… :smiley:


I just got an OEM 1620 from Newegg today. The fw version is B7U9. Someone else here said that BenQ is abandoning the “G” fw, I think after K9 (but don’t quote me). Anyway, I’m glad I got an OEM drive w/“branded” fw.