OEM and Retail Benq 1620 firmwares....huh?

Read alot of good things about this drive but I’m still lost about this whole retail and oem firmware business. No-one in my area sells the benq retail so it’s oem if I decided to go with this drive. But from what I’ve read here, there’s a process called cross-flashing…and what this does it change the oem 1620 to an official benq 1620???

Is there any reason(s) to believe that there woudl be sub-par performance from an oem 1620 then a retail? And do oem’s use different hardware to manufacture the drive and therefore maybe the quality standards are not as high as from benq itself?

Or is it just as good to pick up an oem and cross flash to retail and be done with it.

Thanks for your patience on my lack of knowledge. :iagree:

Like you was only able to get oem,glad I did great burner.
Cross flashed to B7P9 getting very high quality burns & not tempted to udate f/w yet.

uhmm we’ve never had this question before … :rolleyes:

I wouldn’t worry. I think OEM is identical and you can cross-flash or not. Don’t worry order it.

I believe most people (myself also) crossflash because it looks better to have a BenQ instead of an ATAPI in the computer system. Also BenQ releases more firmwares therefore we can play around more often!!!
I don’t think there are major physical differences between an OEM and a retail. And all OEM firmwares are based on BenQ firmwares so …