Oem 3500 (nd3100)

Hello folks this is my first post on this forum and I need some guidance from you experts out there!

The 3100 is identical to the NEC 3500 mechanically with firmware written by Dell to limit the drive to DVD+R/+RW/+R DL.

I have now had a chance to test the DL function and it works on Verbatim DL blanks using NERO software.

However this is the only one it does burn, have tried a Ridisc DL blank and 3100AD refuses to recognise it and complete a DL burn.

NEC have realised this and being the good customer friendly company they have released firmware update 2.18 which adds 5/6 suppliers to the “burnable” list of DVD DL Blanks.

Now as far as I can work out you cannot apply this to your 3100 as it will only upgrade from 2.16 to 2.18. However for those who do not mind invalidating their warranty with Dell a copy of 2.16 is available on the net and what I want to know, is within the bounds of possibility that you could go from Dell 1.07E (existing firmware) to NEC 2.16 then NEC 2.18. It would of course be much easier if Dell made the necessary changes to its firmware but nothing is forthcoming from them.

Is the above a viable solution?

Has anyone know any other way this could be achieved if the above will not work? (apart from buying a 3500 of course!)

Thanks in advance for any help on this one,


Welcome to forum :wink:

Reading this thread will give you many answers… :slight_smile:

I did read this but there is no definative confirmation that it works. Unless I have misunderstood what I need to do. As far as I can see the change is to an area of eeprom not normally written to by firmware updates. Is it the case then that changes to this location allow -r,-rw and changing the firmware to 2.18 (the official one) will allow me to burn other DL suppliers disc.