OEM 3500 from Ebay...what's up with these scans?

So I just picked up one of those OEM NEC 3500AG’s off Ebay. It looks just like the Newegg drive I have but the loading tray on the inside is beige not black and does not say NEC anywhere on the unit.

When installed it identified as a 3500AG with 2.98FW. First thing I did was flash to Herrie’s 2.18 which is what I’ve been using on my Newegg purchased 3500 for some time. Thing is that I am getting some high PIF spikes on my scans with the new drive that are absent on my original 3500. See scan to see what I mean. It doesn’t matter what media I use it still has those spikes.


Any ideas what’s going on?

BTW DMA is on, I’m using MS drivers and both the NEC’s are on primary locations.

Mirage_Man don’t worry too much about those spikes since they’re caused by LiteOn DVD Drives… call them glitches that the drive cause, but don’t really exist. :wink:

Btw that’s a really nice scan, at what speed did you burn your disc? :bigsmile:

Then why do discs burned in my other 3500 and the Lite-on itself not show those spikes?

The disc is a Fuji T02 burned @ 8X with Nero and Herrie’s 2.18FW.

It’s a bug with liteys & TY media.
It doesn’t affect the readablility of the discs.

It’s a bug with liteys & TY media.

Again I say then why do my scans of the same media burned with my other 3500 not have the same spikes? :confused:

Here’s a scan burned on my other 3500…

I should also mention that this is also occurs with Ritek R02 and RicohJPN01 discs so it is not a Litey/Yuden anomoly.

It almost looks like it occurs at the relink points? There seems to be a corresponding spike in the PIE as well.

Here is a scan of MCC 004…

So I decided to try a different firmware, Liggy & Dee modified 2.TD. Here is the result with another MCC 004 burned @ 8X on the new 3500. The overall burn seems better but the spikes are still there.

I sure hope someone knows what’s going on??? Is this a defective drive?

Those spikes are created by the NEC at the points where the WOPC recalibration occurs. Not all drives do it. It’s not a problem that seems to affect the readability of the disc in other drives. If you do a datadisc test and place it above the scan of the same disc, you will see most of the spikes line up with the speed bumps in the burn.

Also, you can try scanning one at 1x.

Those spikes are created by the NEC at the points where the WOPC recalibration occurs. Not all drives do it.

When you say “not all drives do it”, do you mean models or between units of the same model? Because these are 2 3500’s. One does it the other deosn’t?

What would scanning at 1X show me?


Same disc scanned @ 1X

Anyone got any thoughts as to why the new 3500 spikes but my older one doesn’t? :confused:


here`s my thoughts,

because you brought the burner from e-bay and not a reputable shop like newegg. if you can i would return it.

If I could have bought a 3500 from Newegg I most certainly would have. But seeing as they are about as scarce as hen’s teeth I found one where I could. The only reason I wanted another 3500 is because it has been a great reliable burner with the best burns I have seen. Especialy considering the horrible scans I’m seeing from the current crop of burners. I’m not interested in how fast I can burn, only the quality.

BenQ wouldn’t be a bad idea… or LG (not advocating LG as much though, it has shortcomings). It’s probably a drive variance in manufacturing, some drives are aligned better than others, their controllers manufactured a bit better because of the silicon inside, laser unit might have been calibrated better or stronger. Maybe your E-Bay unit has been thru a lot of use, and over time the laser loses calibration? Who really knows… strange things like this happen all the time. Even with identical models manufactured in the same month can do this.

if you mainly use TY & MCC + media, then why not get a liteon 1673/93. i`ve a 3500 & 1673 and my litey burns mcc better than my 3500 & TY is about the same both burned @8X.

If you burn TY02 at 8x and MCC004 at 8x, you can find other burners with better quality (less than 100 total PIF).

This is just a common NEC feature. Check the Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TD Results thread to see you are not alone.

If you burn TY02 at 8x and MCC004 at 8x, you can find other burners with better quality (less than 100 total PIF).

You mean like this one I just burned on my old 3500? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: