OEM 1610 With "B" Firmware



I was under the impression that all “plain” (OEM) 1610’s had the “G” series FW, and had to be flashed with a “B” series to get to the retail stage, but I bought one the other day and it had FW version B8K9. Is this odd? Does it matter?


1610 CANNOT be cross flashed to a 1620/1620 pro!


First thats not what I asked, I know that already.
Second, thats not the 1620 FW Im talking about its for the 1610, notice it say B8K9. Not B7
Anyone else know why it would have this FW on it?


:confused: It’s a 1610 f/w. B8** & G8** f/w’s are for 1610’s. B7** & G7** f/w’s are for 1620’s. That make more sense? Or am i not reading your Q right?


I’ve never seen a 1610 so this is just speculation on my part.

Is there a label that shows the complete model # and manufature place and date and the firmware installed?

Using dvdidentifier, cd-speed or whatever does the firmware match what is on the label to what is really installed?

What I would wonder is that a rma’d drive that some one crossflashed and got sent back out for sale?

The only thing that would concern me is if I paid for a new drive and got a returned drive instead. OR they sent a retail drive in place of an OEM drive, that be cool!


I was think the same thing but I cant tell for sure I dont think there is a FW version printed on the top. Also, it shows up in NERO and WINDOWS as a Dual DW drive, my understanding is that these models can read DL, but its also is listed as an optional write DL in a particular program which is wierd, look:

Does this mean I can change it to dual layer write with a FW change? I dont think so, actually unless its a really f****ed drive I know I cant!


I can tell you I bought a “bulk” version of the DW1620 which has the “OEM faceplate” and it can with B series firmware.


Still Is the reading from the dvdinfo pro scan right for my drive? Must be, I guess.


maybe you got a returned drive?


Maybe we both did. There was was that coffee ring on top and a porno movie inside when I opened it so…NAAAAH!!


Hey gimme back my porno dvd :stuck_out_tongue: You can keep the coffee ring, though.


the BenQ 1610 can be cross flashed to 1620 but first you have to downgrade to 1600 then you upgrade to 1620
there is a detailed explanation for that procedure in here some where, I read that a while ago but can’t find the thread
maybe I raed that in another site like CDRLABS or CDRINFO??!!


I have looked evrywhere for that thread but could not find it anywhere!!??
maybe it has been removed
like egypian say “desolved grain of salt”


Whatever but if you read this post you can find some info that you mighta read. Try here > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=793024&postcount=66


At least a thread saying it does not work is still here.