OEM 0 and Flash Cmd Fail on SH-S223L



Please help with flashing a S223L with odd OEM code.

I have a SH-S223L with SB02 firmware. It has a OEM code of 0 or possibly space 0 as there is a gap in front of the 0 in the WININQUIRY display output.

So far I figured out the TSDNWIN -NOCHECK option and it no longer complains about "This Firmware is not compatible with the selected drive. Contact your system manufacturer from information on firmware updates available for this drive. " due to the odd ball OEM code.

Now I get “Flash Cmd Fail!!” when I try to download my patched firmware. I am using the TSDNWIN that came with the SB02 firmware for the SH-S223L.

I am on Windows 7 64bit if that matters. .

My read speeds are just way to long. I have another SH-S222 thats been flashed and it works great. Flash went without issue on that drive and made a big improvement on DVD rip speed.

Many thanks to the development of the great utility.




this is a known issue with some Sata controllers. You may please have a look into the FAQ (see my signature).




Much thanks. Different SATA controller did the trick. I went from a Marvell 9128 (6Gb/s) to a Intel ICH10R (3Gb/s).

Put Marvell 9128 on the unsupported list.



Glad you got it sorted :clap: :slight_smile:

Well, I seriously doubt, the developpers of these new Sata 6GB controllers thought about users that connect a “slow” optical drive to this :smiley:

Put Marvell 9128 on the unsupported list.
(x) Done :slight_smile:



Um… I’m having the same problem. I found this forum (seemingly the only discussion on the extent of the internet regarding this exact problem). SH-S223L, SB02, OEM given as 0. Marvell SE9128 controller. Is there nothing I can do on this system to fix the issue? Rip speeds are unrealistically slow.


spent 1 hour :a
return tomorrow