ODDs and new Intel chipset mobos - quirks and solutions

Having just upgraded my main ODD rig from i875 to i975 and learnt some new things along the way, thought I should share the info so upgraders can avoid the rather steep learring curve I went thru’. This is basically a thread of interim interest which will probably cease to be of any import once SATA ODDs flood the market, hopefully soon.

The following info has been gleaned from various forum posts, websites and manufacturer spec/info sheets.

A few pointers:

  1. i975 - only 1 native IDE PATA port which supports up to 2 ODDs.
  2. i965 - has 0 native IDE PATA port, many sport 3rd party 1 x IDE PATA port esp. JMicron chipset.
  3. 3rd party IDE PATA chipsets tend to be more troublesome, a few mobo makers are experiencing teething support problems eg. no UDMA, lack of updated drivers etc…


  1. buy a mobo with good IDE PATA implementation eg. Asus P5W DH Dlx - supports up to 4 IDE PATA ODDs, with the latest BIOS/drivers their JMircon SM363X is great, good up to 18x. More…
  2. buy a SATA-IDE converter - so far, 1 reported proven model is the Gigatyte GC-50P which is JMicron JM20330 based. Note not all such adapters work well eg. Syba same chipset but apparently works poorly from owner feedback. More…
  3. buy a upgradable PCI IDE card - best seems to be the ITE 8212F chipset cards followed by Silicon Image ones. To be avoided are Highpoint, Promise chipset cards. More…


  1. Now that Intel has relegated IDE PATA to beggar status, the ports have also been pushed to the bottom of quite a few mobos which makes it tough to use unless you have long IDE cables. I have tested 1m long cables and the good news is that they do work well altho’ the recommendation is to keep them <60cm. I got mine (rated ATA100) from ATF, SLS some time back.

  2. More info has been posted in this forum (& HWZ ODD forum) regarding the availability and pricing of the abovementioned items so pls do your own forum searching and homework too. It will be unlikely that I will answer to any enquries (or PMs) where the info is readily found either here or via Google.

Note: this is not an endorsement of any kind for any mentioned products, constructive feedback is always welcome. Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation, cheers.

Though there are plenty of SATA DVD writers of the latest features in the market already, they tend to cost a bit more than PATA DVD writers of nearly the same feature sets.

My solution: to wait a big more for cheaper 975/965 motherboards as well as cheaper SATA DVD writers (or SATA or SAS HD DVD writers.)