Oddly Named .IFO file, Nero can't see

I just hit something my very limited experience hasn’t seen before. I used DVD Decrypter on a DVD. It created my dir video_ts but the .ifo file was named VTS_01_0.ifo. When I tried to burn the video_ts folder to dvd Nero didn’t see the file. If I rename the file Nero does see it but I’m not sure it will actually play correctly if only the name of the file is changed.

Is this rename common?? What should I do here??

I have that file in all my DVDs. I’m sure it’s supposed to be there. (I know it’s not much help but I felt you deserved some kind of response.) I’d suggest burning it to see if it works.

Hi Pazu, thanks for the reply. I can’t see the file in Nero. I ended up processing the DVD through DVD decrypt two more times before it produced normally named files. No idea what was happening with DVD decrypter. Thank you for taking the time to answer.