Odd vBulletin error



I just got the oddest error message, sad but true I suppose. I guess I’ll have to trust my browser to ‘redirect me’…:rolleyes:


That only happens when you try to add yourself as a friend, not really odd.


Oh I understand the error, it’s the message that seemed a bit humorous.


Yeah, kind of humorous, but it’s supposed to do that lol


I feel like I wanna give the recipient of that message a hug, LOL. Yeah, I’m a sap :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ll be your friend, since you have such a cool name and avatar (now where have I seen that kitty before? ;)).


LOL…here´s a video for you



/me takes away Deano’s YouTube access :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually switch hands when that happens:)


[QUOTE=Zathros;2458231]I usually switch hands when that happens:)[/QUOTE]

ROTFL :bigsmile:


Shouldn’t it read :

You can’t be a friend with yourself.

Unless you have multiple personality disorder.
In Zathros case I guess you can be lovers to yourself.
I wonder is one hand jealous of the other.


I wonder how many other messages the forum has like this. :smiley:

Here’s one I’ve encountered when I accidentally tried merging a thread with itself: :stuck_out_tongue:



The best of the humorous error messages are the ones Lightning_UK! wrote into ImgBurn. :slight_smile:



There are a lot of women out there that would say when it comes to men they can be friends with themselves, since they only think of themselves when making love.


So far the only ImgBurn one I got was the one presented if the disc label field is not filled.

Here’s another two I came across: :stuck_out_tongue:




That bottom one’s hilarious :bigsmile:


I thought I’d bring up this old thread to show one of the strange vBulletin error messages I got just a moment ago:

Eh? :smiley: