ODD Tower



This is not all but has most of the important 3.5-inch ODD parts I have right now.


The focus was not good as if often with me.




Hahaha that’s nice… I still wonder that that stack of drives didn’t fall down :slight_smile:

Are you using all those drives, or do they have other purposes? You seem to be quite a fan of NEC btw. I guess I gotta do the same one day. I just don’t have the time to unmount all ODDs from my systems.

BTW, Those are 5.25" drives, not 3.5" :wink:
BTW2, you got some chromatic abberiation in one of your pics :wink:


yeah, are those NEC’s 2500’s or 1300’s or mixed? Or are there some other ones in the stack of NEC’s seeing that they haven’t changed their design for like ten years (figure of speech). :slight_smile:

MAybe you could sell some of that stuff on ebay, make some money :cool:




Yep, they are 5.25 inch drives, not 3.5 inch. (Confused me.)

I have one ND-1100A and several ND-1300A. I once had 100 ND-1300A.

Most of them I use for test purposes though these days I don’t even find enough time to install the systems to connect the drives. I haven’t bought a single ODD this year.


No 2500. The one South Korean importer charge too much for it.

I’m not good at selling. For most times, I lose at least half of my money during the process of selling. Better to give them to my friends or relatives for free which I do quite frequently.


Hmm, well okay. But on ebay it’s easy, if you have a nice story about it, people bid higher. You won’t have to barter, because the bidding on ebay takes care of that for you.

BTW, if you give it away for free, could you send me that plextor PX-708A?

j/k :bigsmile: