Odd things happening with hyperlinks



I’ve been trying to post some links to sites in my posts and have been unable to write in something like—Here is the link— instead of posting the entire hyperlink. I don’t get the option. If I click on the Insert Link icon I get a message stating: Mozilla requires that you must select some text for this function to work.

I’m using Firefox

I don’t have this problem at other sites, just here at cdfreaks. Any clues as to what is going on?


type “Here is the link” then highlight it then press the insert link button see


Ok, thanks slayerking. That’s not the way it used to work around here, but if it works now I’m set.


always worked like that in Firefox for me


Or take note that if you don’t highlight text, you need to enter text first, then paste your link :wink:


AHH , So this is how you do it now.:bigsmile: Been trying for a while and then just give up. handy to know and frees up more space.

Thanks. :bow: