Odd things going on with Nero Player regarding Blu Ray playback

It seems that Nero has dropped support for Blu-ray playback in their player starting with Nero 16 Platinum. They aren’t advertising this fact anywhere, but it drops the number of official players down to two, WinDVD and Cyberlink’s PowerDVD.

You can still get the Nero Blu-ray player for a short time if you download the free, Nero MediaHome package, but Nero employees have confirmed that the player is discontinued and will not be updated. According to threads at the Nero forum, Blu-ray discs produced in 2017 will deactivate the player as the future discs will have more advanced AACS protection, beyond the capability of the current version of Nero Player.

And so Nero loses one of the very few distinguishing things about their software suite. Here are a couple of threads discussing this at the Nero forums:

Playback of Blu-ray menus on computers is getting harder as the software options disappear.

I noticed that 2 when I upgraded to Nero 16 Platinum.
Their player wasn’t the best around,but it was usable…now that there are only 2 ‘official’ players left,it seems that the AACS-LA consortium is slowly reaching it’s goal for preventing consumers playing or streaming their blu-ray discs directly from their computers…
But we still have Leawo’s and DvdFab’s players as extra (‘unofficial’ )options…:bigsmile: