Odd Sound Problems after encoding avi to dvd

Not sure if it goes here or the transcoding forum so, sorry if this is wrong place.

I would like to take an .avi file and burn it to a DVD. I have tried two different programs, and two different .avi files but have gotten the same result both times. Once the .vob files are created, and I test them (the first time I ‘tested’ by going ahead and burning the DVD) the movie is fine, but the audio is not. What I get is within the movie, there is only bass, no treble at all. Like the rumblings and stuff you can hear but no voices or other sounds. I first used Cucusoft’s avi to mpeg program, and when its conversion was done, I was left with three files. The mpa file was just the audio, and it sounded great. The m2v (that may be mv2, I forget) file was there, and the completed product, the .mpg file. I then used their free DVD author program to take the mpg and turn it into vob files. After burning it to a DVD, I discovered nothing but bass within it. I found a version of DVDSanta to try thinking it may have been the program and I also tried an entirely different .avi. DVDSanta makes the .vob files automatically so once they were done I tried playing one of them directly with PowerDVD and received the same result. I have no idea what could be happening here to cause this and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Does your question occur only when playing back on PC or does it do the same thing also in your standalone DVD player???
I know it seems silly, but have you checked your EQ settings in the testing program?

As for Cucusoft :Z …I would be heading towards another program…like DVD2SVCD (which does do AVI2DVD!) and check out Chickeman’s :bow: tutorial on how to use. I have had extemely ?sucessful? conversions with it (and a little tweaking aswell :stuck_out_tongue: )