Odd Sony D11 scan problem and TY T02 bad burn?


Anyone here tried burning a Sony D11 [Sony 8x +R] in the BenQ DW1620? Mine can burn them but they look pretty ugly. So I tried burning them in a BTC drive I’ve had to play with. It burns them great and they scan great. However, if I take a Sony that was burned in the BTC and scan it in the BenQ - it looks really ugly and even reports PO failures. If a disc reports PO failures and in fact does have PO failures, shouldn’t it report errors when trying to copy the files back to the HD? This disc will copy all of the files back to the HD with no problem.

If a Taiyo T02 disc seems to burn correctly, but provides a REALLY REALLY ugly scan, is this the sign of a bad piece of media or just a particular brand of media that the drive doesn’t like very much? This was a BTC drive with the T02 media.

If you need disc scans, I can provide those.



I bought 100 of those disks when they were on sale. I have a PX-716A, A BenQ 1620 Pro, and a NEC 3500A. They won’t burn well on any of my drives. No matter what I burn them on and scan with the BenQ, the burns are very ugly, in fact, so ugly that I wouldn’t trust anything to them. I’ve burned almost all of them and that’s about all they’re worth, in my opinion. I tried to break a couple of them and thy have 2 layers: 1 layer of dye and what seems to be a clear plastic coating over that. That may be the Accucore. I call it AccuCrap. I also have some regular Sony +R D11 disks. They burn no better. I wonder if it’s that the BenQ can’t read the disks very well. The PlexTools TA test confirms that the disks are bad.

The PlexTools scans look a lot better but PlexTools scans the disks at 2X. I’ve about decided that I’ll never buy anymore media that was made in Taiwan. The Sony’s that I got MIJ were Taiyo Yuden and all my drives love those, but the -R media doesn’t seem to be as high quality at the +R disks. I’ve never had TY -R disks yet though.


I got some of them today and will test them later on my BenQ 1640 BSKB Firmware, I hope they turn out to be better now.

Does anybody have a scan of D11? And what is the difference between D11 and D21 from Sony?



Jackie, take your time and check out “Post your BenQ DW1640 SL media…” thread.

D11 and D21

BTW, Sony D21 media is 16x rated by manufacturer… :wink:

Okay I tried some Sony Media, any way to improve that?