Odd situation here

Curious to know if anyone has experienced this or not or has any thoughts as to why I may be experiencing what I am. Forgive me if I have put this in the wrong forum as well as I’m not sure exactly what the issue may be (media/software/hardware).

I’ve burned hundreds of dvds (-R’s) and have never had this happen before so I’m at a loss. I’m the only user of this comp and nothing has been changed/updated/installed or altered in any way by my hand but we all know comps can do the darnedest things all by themselves lol.

I use Nero 7 Premium and have never had any troubles other than the occasional bump from DMA to PIO mode, no biggie. Also I most often use Sony dvd-r’s and occasionally switch to maxell if they are on sale and I’m desperate and have never had any problems with either media although I prefer the Sony.

Okay, so what happened is I was going to burn a dvd (currently using Maxell 16x) but Nero would only burn it at 4x so I first check if my DMA bumped but it hasn’t, rebooted just to make sure, went to start the burn hoping it would kick in to 16x but again it didn’t but I don’t mind the extra few minutes so I burn the dvd and then I watched it (on my tv with dvd player). So I burned another dvd, again only at 4x, start thinking I got a crappy batch of Maxells but carry on, burn says it was successful yada yada, eject dvd but hadn’t removed it and accidentally bumped the tray back in. I was in my computer looking for something and noticed that the title of the dvd didn’t appear in my dvd drive and thought that was weird so I went into the drive to see if it had indeed burned but it was showing up as a blank dvd. Odd. So I took the dvd out and threw it in my dvd player and it started playing, ff’d through the dvd just to make sure it was okay and yes, it had indeed burned properly but windows is not recognizing it at all.

So my questions are, 1) why is Nero only writing at 4x (oh and yesterday I burned a couple dvd’s (these are all movies) on the last of the Sonys I had and they burned at 16x) and 2) why would the dvd burn perfectly fine but my computer not recognize it after the fact?

Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated. I’m not too concerned about the write speed or being able to read the dvds on my comp but am curious as to why this would be happening. As I mentioned I’ve burned hundreds of dvds and never seen this before.

It could be something as simple as firmware but we will need to see the Nero log.

I’ve [B]burned hundreds[/B] of dvds (-R’s) and have never had this happen before so I’m at a loss

Burners these days are cheap [I]and[/I] cheaply made. Could just be time for a new one. What the model number?