Odd results playing burned DVDs


Whenever I play a burned DVD in my DVD player it works perfectly fine. However, when I play a burned DVD in my parents DVD player the movie skips and stutters a lot. The DVD player in my room is a toshiba and the player in their room is an insignia.

Just to let you know, I use tmpgenc 4.0 xpress to encode my DVDs and tmpgenc to author them. I also use CD-DVD speed to test all my DVDs and all of them have great results.

Is there something I’m doing wrong when I burn my DVDs, or is it just the fact that my mom’s DVD player is junk. Also, when they play retail DVDs in their DVD player, they work perfectly fine.

The DVD brand I use is Sony DVD-R and I burn them at 2x speed.
Just to repeat myself, when I play any burned DVD in MY DVD player they work PERFECTLY; no problems at all.

What do you think about this? Could I be doing something wrong, or no?



What speed are the disks you are using rated at? If they are modern 16x speed disks, you shouldn’t be burning them at 2x speed. What burner do you have?

8x is a good compromise on speed for burning modern blank dvds (single layer). Depends on the media and the burner of course.

But from the sounds of it, their player is just pickier about burned dvds. That happens, and there aren’t many good solutions for it.

Thanks for the reply,

I believe these are rated at 16x. However, I was ALWAYS told to burn DVD-Rs at the lowest possible speed because it reduces the amount of write errors.

Hopefully, it’s just their DVD player and not how I’m burning them.

I read some stuff on insignia DVD players and the reviews aren’t too good on them. Insignia is basically the Best Buy brand of players.



I have a Lite-ON burner.

Concerning the burning speed…this is a stickied thread in the Blank Media forum discussing how slow burning speeds are not the best choice for modern media and modern burners: