Odd Request - Need DVD-R drive with a fully ejected tray - circle completely exposed

I’m in the process of retrofitting a new DVD drive into my very old existing robotic burner. Therefore i need a current model drive that ejects completely exposing the full DVD circle so that a cd could be dropped on directly from the top. Many of the drives I have/have seen, exposes 95% of the tray, leaving the 5% covered by the drive housing for you to slip the cd under. The robotic duplicator needs to drop the CD directly down. The existing old scsi drive is a TEAC, no longer in production…

Here is an example picture (My existing Teac) but shows what I mean… when ejected the entire circle of the tray is exposed so a cd could drop directly down on it. and the tray is mounted higher rather than center mounted. Any DVD drive that ejects to the same distance (most important) and height would be perfect.

<img src=“http://www.e3girls.com/ebay/dsc01951.jpg”>
<img src=“http://www.e3girls.com/ebay/dsc01952.jpg”>

Hi guys, I figure if I can’t find an answer here I can’t find it anywhere.
Thanks guys, hope some of you will eject your trays and report back.

Just checking my Benq 1640 and Liteon 160P6S, both of them have trays where the edge of the disc basically JUST does clear the top edge of the front bezel of the drive. If you could have the discs drop very accurately, they would work, but I’m talking about 1mm, maybe 2mm to work with here. Take off the front bezel or modify it (sand/grind down/etc.) and you would probably gain another 2-4mm. Also just checked a NEC 2510 and it clears the faceplate by about 3-4mm, but that’s probably not much use to you since it’s an older drive.

The only drive I have that might fit your requirements is a Plextor PX-712A which is almost two years old now, so you might have a very difficult time finding one of those.

There’s approximately 4-5 mm clearance between disc and drive when the tray is ejected.

Your search probably won’t be easy, because most of not all new drives are dsigned to better fit within Small Form Factor (SFF) cases, so the drive casings aren’t as deep as they used to be.

LG GSA-4163B should fit your needs (see photo). I am not sure if more recent LG drives have the same tray.


The same for the Plextor [B]PX-760A[/B]. I don’t have the [B]755[/B] currently plugged, but I’m almost sure that it does the same. :slight_smile: