Odd problem with new Pioneer DVR-111

I have just purchased & installed an OEM version of Pioneer’s DVR-111DSV DVD writer. It’s working fine except for when I try to eject the CD or DVD by using the eject button on the front panel and it doesn’t eject. However, when I go into ‘My Computer’ and click on the drive icon, THEN it ejects.
Is there some simple setting I need to make somewhere to sort this problem or could I have a faulty drive?
I am running windows 2000 SP4 on an Asus/AMD system - more details can be supplied if required (I did download the latest version of firmware, but it makes no difference. No software came with the unit: I am using RecordNowDV and PowerDVD applications).
Any help much appreciated!

The tray button is obviously not working.
In my experience, the only time that the button is disabled is during a burn, and that is only when that restriction has been selected in the burning program’s “settings.”

If all else fails, I suggest RMA.

Thanks paperbender, but I’m not sure if it is a straight-forward button malfunction. If I put a CD into the drive and then press the eject button, it comes out again no problem. But if I put the CD in and then open it to view some files and then close it again, the eject button doesn’t work. However, if I then go to it’s icon and right-click my mouse over it, the CD ejects.
Is it not more likely to be a software problem? I didn’t get a driver disk with the drive and Windows seems happy with the generic driver, but should I have, perhaps, a driver specific to the drive? I downloaded the latest firmware from Pioneer’s website, but that hasn’t helped.
RMA? Could you explain please? Cheers, Jeepster.

Problem solved! I uninstalled my DLA (drive letter access) software and the problem has gone. Well, there you go…

Always wonderd what DLA spelled out was> LOL

I always thought it were the abbreviation for “Dirty Little Abbreviation”… LOL