Odd problem with my burner buffer

Hey all, I’m having a strange problem with my burner and was hoping you guys could help me figure out what it is.
my burner is a lite-on 812 flashed with the 832 firmware flash. running a oc’d athlon xp 1700+ @ 2.2 ghz, 1.5 gb pc 3200 corsair memory.
all my dma devices are dma 2 or 4.
anyway here’s my problem, while burning a dvd, it will go the first 10-15% with no problems, then after it hits 15% the device buffer drops out and starts fluctuating wildly. also, these fuji dvd’s are supposedly 8x, but I can’t get above 4x with them, their code is CMC MAG R01.
also, when I do a kprobe test on them, my errors are within acceptable limits, usually around 100/10 but occasionally spiking up to 200/100.
Could it be the media that is the problem here?
or is it some problem with dvd decryptor?
also my lite on 166 dvdrom has read just about anything I can throw in it, but these discs skip and studder when playing on my computer, even though kprobe scans came back ok, (not great, but ok)
can anyone help me out here?

Oh one other thing, I never ever used to have a problem with the device buffer in dvd decryptor in the past whether I burned at 8x or 4x. I guess what my question is, does anyone else have device buffer problems with it, (dvd decryptor) and if so, how did you fix it?

Nobody has any ideas? :frowning:

CMC MAG R01 is only supported at 2.4x in VS0G. You could try to swap the strategy for higher speeds with Omnipatcher.
Your buffer problem is caused either by wrong DMA settings, using source and target drive on the same IDE bus, fragmented source disk or a running virus scanner.
Which speed does cdspeed’s burst rate test display ? Check your hard disk speed.

thanks for the reply, your post brings up an interesting question. I do believe the source and target drives are on the same ide bus, should I put one or the other on the other dma channel with my backup hdd?
I think have it configured like this, dma 1 is my backup hdd and liteon cdrw.
dma 2 is the liteon 166 dvd rom and 832 burner I believe.
which should I swap? the dvd burner for the cd burner, or the burner for the hdd?

Did you try a direct copy from your DVD-Rom to your 832 ? Also a very bad idea.

nope, not a direct copy. Ripped with dvd decryptor, (into an iso file) for a single sided dvd.
then tried to burn with same program, devide buffer went nuts. :frowning:

did that happen after you flashed your drive? if yes, try rolling back to the old firmware

You should put DVD burner as master on the second IDE channel.
-Are you using 80-conductor ATA cable?

-Why don’t you configure your transfer mode to ultra DMA4? Maybe it would help.
-What is the burst speed for your dvd writter in Nero CD speed?
-Does your HD start acting like mad when the buffer problem apperars? I have that problem with my HD and dunno why that happens.

There is another thread similar to this that I am helping the person with, it isn’t exactly as descrived here but it’s pretty close. Same drive (812S flashed to 832S VS0G), buffer going wildly (both software and hardware), and a variety of software used. We still haven’t managed to track down the problem, but flashing the drive to another firmware didn’t help. Well, the link: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=142954 . If you find a fix for your problem, maybe it can help us (and the other way around).