Odd Problem with burned Cds



I recently purchased a new computer that has a combo dvd/cd burning drive. i have been burning cds on my old computer for several years now, without any problems.

I am using the same software to burn cds on both computers (nero 6, latest version) however the cds i burn on my new computer dont play correctly in my car stereo. The first song usually plays well, but when i change the track…the track time blinks a few times and it either plays or gives an error message. if i let the 1st track play all the way through, it goes to the next track without a problem, and will play through the whole cd, i am just unable to change the track manually without a problem.

I have attempted to narrow down the problem in several ways, to no avail. I have used my old cd burner (external usb) on my new computer…still messes up, i have tried to burn a different cd that i know works fine in case it was the mp3 files themselves…still messes up, and i have even tried a different cd burning program (cdburnerxp)… but the disks still play the same way.

As im sure you can see, this creates a very confusing and frustrating position for me…im usually very good with computer related problems…but im at a loss.

Any help i can get would be appreciated


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What brand of CDRs are you using? I normally use CDRs made by Taiyo Yuden (look for Made in Japan on the packaging) - they’re readily available online also. :slight_smile:

Also, you don’t mention what speed you’ve been burning at, but I use 16x for audio.

Another thing to try, would be a different piece of software - if I’m burning audio CDs from music files, I use Burrrn.

Hopefully one or all of those suggestions will give a good result. :slight_smile:


I use Memorex cds, burn at 48x currently, every disk i had burned before i got my new computer had been burned at 52x and every single one works without a problem. ill look into that other program and try lower speeds to see if either help…im just not sure why one of my computers can use a drive at 52x without a problem and the other one produces cds that dont work on the very same drive, using the same cds, same program, at the same speed , its very frustrating.


Although it worked for you in the past, I really wouldn’t use 48x or 52x for burning audio CDs, because the higher jitter can cause problems with playback.

If it’s the same drive and discs, it is a bit of a mystery…however, Memorex do use several manufacturers for their discs (then just put their name on them), so it could be that the ones which worked at the higher speeds, were made by someone else. :slight_smile:


just attempted at 16x and the the cd player is still doing the same thing…i may just have to keep burning with my other computer, which is a bit of a hassle, but seems to be less of a hassle than trying to get this computer to burn correctly