Odd PI peak on MCC003

I have over the last week or so burnt several DVDs (@8x) from the same spindle, and when scanned in KProbe they all present a picture similar to the following

  • generally a nice burn, BUT with this odd peak in PI about 1/4 through the burn. I guess the DVD will still read without problems, but I am wondering where the peak come from and would like to get rid of it - can any of you help? Is it a media-problem? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Picture isn’t there - getting an invalid attachment. I’m assuming the peak isn’t bad enough to fail the disc and throw it away. I’d double-check your BIOS settings, make sure UDMA is enabled and then go through Device Manager. Even if you’re on an Intel based motherboard I would set the IDE controller to the standard MS one. I had a bunch of discs peaking out towards the end of the discs (creating coasters) until I did this with my Intel based motherboard. Odd I know but it cleared it right up, I now do not get that huge spike up at the end of the disc. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the missing picture - I had trouble finding information about how to add a picture in the FAQ - here it is:


Assuming that’s burned in the 1633 at 8x: If you watch a test burn in CDSpeed, you will see that it hits 8x at around that same point as the spike. Most likely the OPC has intervened and adjusted the laser power at that point, hense the drop in errors.

It’s a very good burn in any case, not to worry.

Just adding my 2 cents, I had that same spike with some Samsung 4X DVD+R’s with TY media code using my Plextor 712A. I believe it to just be a media problem.

Here have a look


this is an old pic I put up some time ago, I have not bought any more of those Samsung’s and I have not had any other problem like that occur with any other media