Odd Nero CDSpeed results with 2500A

Greetings all. Have a shiney new 2500A unit by itself, set as master, on my 2nd IDE channel.

With the latest Nero CDSpeed, I get odd CPU usage and interface burst rate results. This is with reading both CDR and DVD-R media.

CPU Usage:
1X = 8%
2X = 15%
4X = 40%
8X = 82%

Interface Burst Transfer rate:
1 MB/s

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. But DMA is in fact enabled. Nero infotool reports it is running in UDMA mode 2.

My system is an AMD 2600+ with an MSI K7N2 (nforce2) mobo. Fresh WinXP install with all latest drivers. Initially I was running without the NVIDIA SW IDE driver, tried installing that as well, making sure it was running, and still same results.

Only media I have currently is 2X, but I have no problems burning at this speed consistently. That’s way faster than 1 MB/sec. And the CDSpeed graphs look nice and curved, no flatlining.

Any idea what’s going on here? Or should I take these results with a grain of salt?

(I must add this drive seems great initially, I have no problems reading old Princo DVD-RW discs that my A05 burned and could barely read without CRC errors. yay!)


Ignore what CD-Speed is telling you.

It’s the same here with some drives so the interfact burst test is not correct.