Odd 'looping' glitch

I’ve done 20+ movies so far, and have only had a problem with 2: Runteldat and Full Metal Jacket.

Both began looping at the 9 min mark, and would go back to about the 7 min mark. Trying to jump forward by chapter OR by time would take me back to the 7 min mark. Very odd.

All other movies transcoded/burned/played fine.

With both movies, a re-transcode and burn solved the problem; I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I’m using a Panasonic DVR-105 with 4x Riteks under Win2k. Using ImgTools to create images, and Alcohol to burn.

No problems otherwise. Haven’t upgraded to 1.01/.02, since I don’t need the added functionality yet…


Just rented Full Metal Jacket and will give it a go this evening (24-02-03).
Will let you know how it went.
By the way, I have the PAL version !


Hello Airr,

Ok, movie is just fine !
Skipping forward and back are ok.
No problems at 9 mins.
Use a Sony DVP-NS705V to watch.
Movie on a Princo 2x speed.
Burned with Nero in UFD/ISO, ISO Level 2, because then I can put the full name in the label.
So some where along the line on your side something has gone wrong.
Best greetz,


Thanks, Lenco.

I think the problem was the version of Alcohol that I was using; it was a few revs old.

I’ve never had this problem using either IMGTools, or DVDDecryptor in ISO-Write mode.

I upgraded Alcohol, and all seems well now.

Thanks again for your reply!

P.S. FMJ is one ‘kick-arse’ movie, isn’t it???!!!