Odd lite on problem



Or is it? I upgraded my liteon sohw812s firmware from uson to usos from lite on site. The upgrade went good and completed. The drive worked before. Now my problem is, it will read and write dvd data and movies that I burned. But, it refuses to play a rented dvd in any player software now, and my pc doesn’t see the drive with a rented dvd in it. It’s always “retry” when I try to watch a movie. The other dvd drive, liteon 5236v works just fine, although it is only a reader. Does this sound like a drive problem, or a pc problem now? Tks, Steve


First off did you download the correct firmware? That would something to check on. Also how old is your drive? I have a old 832S that I now replaced with LH-20A1H and it is able to read my DL media I burned. I did read some users having problem reading DL media after burning them and then I started having them. Also what was your firmware before you updated it? But as I did mention make sure you double check you downloaded the correct firmware.