Odd issue with some CDs

I have been using Clone CD for weeks now and love the software, but have issues with some CDs. Anytime its doesn’t go into a direct movie, like seasons of shows for example, it picks the last one and that is it. I have tried burning as ISO and AVIs and its always the same thing… what am I missing here?

Thanks for any help!

@ x82nd,

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I believe you are referring to the CloneDVD software program and not “CloneCD”.

I also believe you are referring to original Commercial DVD Movie Titles and not to “CDs”.

From the limited information you have provided it appears that you are selecting the “Clone DVD” option and not the “Clone DVD Titles – Clone a DVD including all titles and menus” option. If you desire to make a BackUp copy that includes ALL the Season Episodes you need to use the “Clone DVD Titles” option.

Suggest reviewing the below AnyDVD and CloneDVD User Guides ->




Thank you! That was exactly my issue. Never noticed that button before, lol.