Odd glitch or two since updating to Windows 8.1



I thought I’d start this thread in case anyone has some minor problems they’d like to share.

So far I’ve found a couple of problems in 8.1. The first showed up in Firefox, where I was getting fuzzy text once I scrolled down, and then back up the page. I didn’t happen if I only had a partial screen in Firefox, and when the fuzzy text appeared, it would snap into focus if I clicked anything outside of Firefox. The solution was one setting in about:config in Firefox. Once I set gfx.content.azure.enabled to false, the problem vanished.

But this little problem never showed up in Windows 8 before I updated.

The second one for me was with my printer. It stopped working entirely. I had to delete it from the list of printers, then reboot and let the operating system find it again.

Anyone else with minor issues?


I did a test install on my old Toshiba laptop, and so far i have only positive comments for win 8.1 especially for the old crappy hardware that my laptop has.

OK, Some of the FN keys dont work, and probably will never work with win8 or 8.1 since i dont think that Toshiba will be releasing that utility for win8 or 8.1, again it’s a small price to pay for the speed i gained over Vista that were installed on my laptop.


It’s interesting that you mention having to remove and then re-install the printer.
I had the same problem with a BD Writer, it was detected as an HDD after the upgrade. Removing it from device manager and then reinstalling it solved the problem.

Everything else seems fine.


Hi :slight_smile:
As posted elsewhere.
I had no problems with PC - Laptop - Tablet (Pro).
Just lucky I guess.


No issues here with Windows 8.1.

It took a few reboots to recognize the two 2TB hard drives I just added but otherwise solid.

Kerry if it’s an upgrade, try uninstalling and reinstalling the affected software/drivers.


On my Fujitsu laptop, it had a BSOD during the first reboot of the update and then could not connect to my Wi-Fi. When I rebooted, the Wi-Fi would work until I put it to sleep or hibernate. When I turned on the laptop again, it would be back to showing a limited connectivity issue until I rebooted.

I uninstalled the Wi-Fi driver and let it install again from Windows update and the Wi-Fi has been fine since then. No further BSOD either.

My work PC updated to Windows 8.1 without an issue.