ODD DVD Reader/Burner Issue Probably Software (Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

OS: Windows XP

For a long time I’ve been running two players in my system. I’ve never had much use for having two of them, but I’ve always liked the idea of them both being there. Originally I had a NEC DVD Burner that worked perfectly and a NEC DVD reader (harvested from a previous system: DV-5500A) that would give me a blue screen of death if I put anything into it. Oddly, after the reboot, if I left the disk in the drive, I could play it just fine. Weird huh? Anyway, both were IDE drives, with the poorly functioning drive slaved to the one that worked.

I had that setup for about 2 years… now fast forward to today: I get myself a used TS-H653N (Dell I think, possibly HP). Since I’ve got a spare SATA slot, I pulled out the old NEC and pop in the “new” drive. Everything booted up fine, and XP correctly identified the drive and everything seems to be going smooth… until I start trying to put discs into it. :a

I can put a CD into the drive, and it will read the CD for about 1 to 2 minutes before XP crashes and reboots (says it recovers from a critical error). A DVD is even worse, as XP will crash usually during spin up. At that point I figured I managed to purchase a bad drive.

Then the next step: on one of the crashes I loaded up Ubuntu instead of XP. I figured if Ubuntu couldn’t handle the drive, then I’d know for sure. Surprisingly, Ubuntu handled the drive flawlessly. I could read, write, swap disks, etc. The drive was working even better than the NEC that has always held the top slot in my rig. I decided on a whim (ok not really a whim) to toss the old NEC back in and see if Ubuntu would be kind to that drive as well. Indeed it was.

So, I’ve pretty much narrowed this strange crash problem to XP. And with it crashing on two different drives in the “#2” spot, I think it has something to do with XP not liking the secondary drive (which is strange since the TS-H653N is technically a master of it’s own buss).

From here I really need guidance. What is the best way to go about resolving this issue without formatting and re-installing XP (Plus hoping really hard that I don’t get the same problem again)? Is this a known issue with XP, or am I looking at some kind of file corruption?

My next couple of steps will be trying the drives in various other XP computers to see if the fault is common to all XP installs, of just mine.

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Hi and Welcome!

either disable the option “reboot after crash” in order to enable the visibility of the BSOD (the error shown might be helpful for troubleshooting) or check with eventvwr after one of these crashes.

Either there is some driver running amok (you might try if installing latest drivers for your hardware helps), or there is some problem with your hardware which is not revealed if you are running Linux for whatever reason.



My BSOD was the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA. Usually this happens with Virus and Malware to my understanding, so I ran the gambit of antivirus and antispyware programs on my system. The only things I found were a small collection of tracking cookies.

Updates on things done so far:
-Antivirus and AntiMalware gambit
-Safemode (same error)
-Tried (and failed) to find updated drivers for the DVD drive
-Tried (and again failed) to find a compatible firmware release for the DVD drive.
-Tried another system, worked fine.

Next steps:
-Update Bio Chipset drivers
-Hooking up the old drive Via an IDE to USB cable
-Repair XP’s system fiiles
-Attempt to get my hands on a spare HDD and instal a fresh copy of XP on it. This should eliminate a corrupt installation of XP as the culprit.


Updated my south bridge drivers (TForce 6100-939), and it fixed my issue. Sorry for posting the wall of text only to solve it after 3 posts.

Thanks for you attention to this issue mciahel :bigsmile:.



Hi,[quote=tacomagic;2163708]Updated my south bridge drivers (TForce 6100-939), and it fixed my issue.[/quote]Nice :slight_smile:

Sorry for posting the wall of text only to solve it after 3 posts.
No problem, it’s better to provide as much information as possible.

Thanks for you attention to this issue mciahel :bigsmile:.
You’re Welcome :slight_smile: