Odd CD Recorder Problem



As it stands, whenever I try to record a CD-R at higher than 4x using my LTR-52246S (Cendyne rebadge), the process usually fails. (The disc is not ruined, though). The error I get is some kind of tracking/calibration error. With CMC media, this always happens, but with Verbatim DataLife Plus media, the drive will sometimes be able to overcome the adversity after what sounds like several retries. The disc that is produced reads back fine.

The odd thing is that CD-RW media will record at any speed.

I thought that perhaps a lense cleaning might be in order, but am puzzled about the 100% CD-RW recording functionality.

Is it typical for a lens problem to only effect the CD-R recording or is this characteristic of something else? If so, what?


Could it be dying?


Hope not. :slight_smile: It’s been like this for many months now, though.