Odd CD playback problem in the car



Hi, I’m new here, this was recommended by someone at Overclockers.com forums. I have a strange problem, maybe you have seen it before…

I just picked up a new micro advantage 52X32X52 CDRW drive, and I’ve had some problems. I burn everything fine, but when I go to play the CDs in my car, they start skipping. Here are some of the odd observations though:

I’m using the same spindle of CDs that I used to use, and the old CDs that I burned before never skipped

It seems like the later into the CD I get, the more it skips. The first song does not ever skip, but by track 12 it is all messed up

The skip is caused by my car CD player not reading it properly, not because of a burning error. I know that because I can rewind and it will play over the part that just skipped error free

This is very odd to me, here are some of my ideas, tell me if I’m right or stupid:

The CDs I’m using might not be rated to 52X. In fact, I’m sure they are only 32x or so

I’m using Roxio instead of Nero

It could just be this new CDRW drive

Any of this seem correct? I’m going to try and burn one at maybe 24x and see how it does. Ever have this problem anyone? I’ve heard of burning errors, but never an error that is sometimes there, somtimes not, even on the same CD!!! Why would the outside of the disc be harder to read? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Does this cd work in a normal cd player??


Scan the blank cd to see what DYE it uses.
Note some burners also handle some media better than others.
What media brand are you using, maybe we have scanned results already posted in the media forum area.

Burn at 4x. I burn at 2x for old picky players personally.

Does this burned cd work in other players without skips?


Even though your burner can record @ 52x does not mean you can do that and achieve good results. You said the cd-r’s are rated at 32x, try burning at 32x and lower to see if that helps. I experienced the exact same problem using 32x sony cd-r’s and burning them at speeds greater than 32. When I burned them using 24x and 32x speeds (what the discs are rated for), I had not problems what-so-ever. If that does not help, try different brands of media. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

By the way, the reason that you get more skips on the end tracks is because of spindle speed and the inability of the laser to track the data path on the disc due to poor write quality.


I’m going to try burning at 24X and see how it does. Does that apply to audio CDs only, or eveything you burn? Cause if it’s for everything, then what’s the point of bying anything other than an older 32X burner?

Also, I just thought of this: Doesn’t the burner start at a lower speed, and as it goes, it starts getting faster? So that the first tracks which play fine may have been burned at 4x or 8x, and the later ones that have problems, got a high speed 40x or so? That could help explain it too, in context of “hey, just stop burning them at high speeds” which is everyone’s advise…

Also for the person who asked, I picked up a Micro Advantage 52x32x52x from Office Max, $20 after $20 mir, the cheapest I could find. I’m happy with it except for this issue…


This rule is mostly for audio cd’s. It can/will affect data on old cd-rom drives found in older pc’s (models 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x speed cd-rom drives) and to have a faster read and spin up of data you would once again remedy the situation by lowering burn speed.

In general, do not burn cd’s at a faster speed than they are certified for. This can cause many problems, such as one you are experiencing now.

Also, read my post above, I suggest burning at 4x.
If you want to experiemnt, burn at 4x, 8x, 12x …etc…and try each to see which is the falloff point at which the skips happen.

Since this has been determined to have nothing to do with copy protection, I will move this to the Audio forum.