Odd burns with BTC 1016

I’ve been using my BTC 1016 with A089 firmware, with great success, for many months. But recently i’ve been getting strange results with burns.

PI errors seem to spike very high randomly and PI failures always go ridiculously high towards the last 25% of the disc.

I never had a problem with this before, would anyone happen to know why this has suddenly started occuring?

Being Ritek discs, they could just be turning to crap as they often have for others. Or your drive could be going south. Have you tried other media on the drive to confirm that it is also a problem with other media, or just the suspicious Ritek?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I haven’t got any other types of media, except G04’s. I’ve wanted to buy some Taiyo Yuden’s but just haven’t got around to it.

I did make a thread a few months and I showed an image of a successful burn.

Everything was going ok, as shown in the image in that thread, until recently.

I’ve burned a lot of G04s with my old 1004IM and I can say it’s like playing lottery, one is close to perfect and the next one is the worst burn you can have. G04 quality changes often in one patch.

now I’m happy with my mcc003s.

Yeah, it’s probably just a media problem then. A few months ago, i read many threads and articles, most of them on this website that, Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim (MCC) were the best media around. Is this still the case?

This is still the case. This thread could be an interesting read for you.