Odd Burn Strat. with NEC and MCC 03RG20

I just saw something weird and I was lloking for input. I had been testing a number of external cases so I was using CDSpeed’s create a disc with simulate dwriting. Most drives performed as expected on this media and I was running most tests at 16X to stress the through put. I ran some TYG02 on my NEC 4570 at 8X and got essentially a flat line at 8X.

They I ran some MCC 03RG20 at 8X and saw a drop half way though the burn to 4X where it stayed till the end of the burn. There was no other CPU or buffer activity to cause this and prior to this the MCC had been tested at 16X and made it well past 13X.

Does the burn strategy for 8X really call for a drop to 4X on this media?

What NEC drive model, what firmware, what other USB/FW activity… :wink:
Don’t think firmware gurus like Liggy, Dee-27 can give you an answer without more information.

Maybe this is caused by the fact you “still {have} a few bugs in the system” /joke. :bigsmile:

NEC 4570, 1.02, MCC 03RG20 at 8X in a Prolific 3507 with the most current firmware on firewire. Nothing else on USB but a mouse, no activity in the system.

As I never burn this media for anything, the question is purely based on curiousity.