Odd behaviour on a disc

Why is it i have a disc which has a good CD-Speed scan and score of 94 is unreadable? See the screenshots below, i just don’t get it :doh:

Is this a pressed video DVD or a burned one?

If it’s a pressed probably the test fail because of an arccos copy protection. Anyway it’s only an hypothesis. :slight_smile:

I would say that it is a pressed disc. The jitter is low and semi smooth but the PIF is horrid.

I agree that the error is probably due to copy protection on the disc but it could just be a bad spot, but unlikely

Well, it happens to me - recordable or pressed… a good PI/PIF score doesn’t always relate to a disc’s readability.

Had discs with better scores become unreadable … maybe BETA problems or TA problems or other pit geometry issues or even reflectivity which are some things this drive can’t measure. Find that scanning on a Liteon seems to make scans look worse for some unreadable discs, but I have even had false (readable) diagnosis from PI/PIF scans before… :frowning: - scanning for PI/PIF is not the entire story!

That’s right. :iagree:

This is the reason because other than scan should be posted also transfer rate test. Is the combination of these two tests that give most informations about a burning.

Well thats annoying. It is a pressed disc and its not a data encryption issue. Got a different eror messgae if anyone knows what it means.
Can anyone think of a work round so i can get the data off and blank out the duff section so i just get a few secs of a black screen or something as the disc seems to be mostly fine?

This error is typical of two main causes:

a heavily scretched disc

one of the new copy protections (mainly arccos)

Very likely to be one of the new copy protections if I had to guess.