Odd behavior?



I have been experiencing some extremely odd behavior if I am to use the responses on this forum as a basis for for what is “normal”.

Spiderman, original size 7.36GB…

I set for MAXIMUM compression…40 I believe is the setting. I COMPRESS all audio files possible. It successfully compresses the files to 1.55GB…impressive, however the quality suffered horribly. Nothing strange so far…so I say, lets see what the same movie gets at MINIMUM compression (maximum QUALITY)…which is 150. The file it created was 9.6GB in size! LARGER than the source files! The file created was also UNPLAYABLE… I then lowered the quality to 100 (just above the stock 95) and the file created was 3.5GB! I have to admit, the quality is pretty damn good at that size! I am attempting to get it as close to the 4.7 available on a single layer DVD-R…then compare the quality to DVDShrink without removing anything…

I then decided to give 150 a try again…once again it produced an UNPLAYABE 9.6GB file!! I am now trying 110 to see what it produces…


Read the FAQ at ratdvd.dk. It says:

On a big DVD I set the quality slider very high and got a file over 4 GB in size that does not playback. Is there some limitation?

Yes. There is a 4GB limitation in the used ZIP style header for ratDVD files. With standard quality settings you will never reach this limitation and using very high quality settings on very big movies doesn’t make sense to me since the main purpose is to reduce the size. Anyways, if I see this happen more often I may change it.


YES! CHANGE IT! Even if you change it to 4.7 GB…the idea for me is to compress a dual layer DVD to single layer at the best possible quality. I was going to report that when I put it at 110 I got 4.2GB file that was, indeed, unplayable…then I tried 105 and sure enough, 3.9GB and a playable file. PLEASE extend the limit to 4.7GB…


OK…after some pretty extensive testing…I have determined that in it’s present form, RatDVD does nothing for me. At the maximum quality that RatDVD allows (4GB limit, my file was 3.98GB), the quality of both Spiderman and Saving Private Ryan, while not “terrible” by any stretch of the imagination, did not match the quality of both those movies burned to a single layer DVD using DVDShrink…if and when it does, then I will be interested.

Even as an ultra-compressor, for, example, running an online library of movies, this progam needs some work as the quality it attrocious at high compression. All said, this is a damn impressive FIRST release! I look forward to when it is improved.